Why You Must Avoid WordPress Nulled Plugins And Themes

Some people use nulled WordPress plugins and themes instead of buying the original ones. But what are the adverse effects of using these codes on your WordPress website?

1.They are harmful!

One of the serious disadvantages of using nulled codes in your WordPress website is that they are incredibly harmful!

These codes may be contained malicious codes, and by installing them, your website will be more likely to be attacked by hackers!

2.Updates problems

When you don’t buy the original WordPress plugins and themes, you cannot receive their updates, which is another drawback of nulled codes.

All WordPress themes and plugins developer will fix their products’ security issues in their updates. If you cannot receive their updates, your website security will be in danger.

Also, they add some new features in their new product versions; consequently, you will miss new features too.

3.Lack of technical support

Lack of technical support is the next adverse feature of using nulled codes.

If you don’t buy the original license of a theme or plugin, you cannot benefit from its technical support. As a result, if you face a problem or suffer from a bug, you must fix it yourself.

4.Privacy problems

The next downside of these kinds of codes is that they can steal your website information and use them on the dark web!

It means your privacy will be in danger.

5.Legal issues

Facing legal issues is another disadvantage of these codes. Some WordPress themes and plugins are open source, but some are protected by copyright laws, and if you use them, you don’t have legal permission to.

Final word

In this short post, I have listed the most severe problems of nulled plugins and themes.

Actually, there is no great merit in using these codes. If you love your online business, stay away from them.

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