Torealestateagent Website Design

Torealestateagent is a Canadian real estate website.We designed it in 2019 by order of A.Aramni.We’ve used the WordPress content management system for developing this site.

Also, we re-designed this website in 2021.

We’ve changed the website UI/UX to become more modern. This website is developed to provide access to knowledgeable and trusted real estate agents to buyers and sellers across Toronto.

Our Client

Mr. A. Armani is the client of this project. He is a Toronto real estate agent and founder of Origin Group.

Origin Group Toronto real estate was initially founded in 2017 by A.Armani and Mark,both come from finance and development backgrounds that helped shape them into caring and knowledgeable agents.They strive to give an exceptional experience to every client, whether they be a lessee or investor with a five home portfolio.

Later on, in 2019 the website came to life by A.Armani to provide access to knowledgeable and trusted real estate agents to buyers and sellers across Toronto.


Our goal was to design and develop a Toronto real estate website.

Also, we wanted to make it a complete guide for Toronto home buyers and sellers

so they can access professional and trusted real estate agents.


The website design process has begun after extensive research on other Toronto realtors’ websites.Also, we have checked the websites and samples that were appealing to the client.

We have used several graphic resources for designing banners and visual elements in the web design process.Besides, we have used WordPress CMS for developing the website.

Also, iHomefinder’s IDX has been used to display the latest home listings.


The result is a responsive, SEO-friendly, and modern WordPress website.

This website has been designed based on the client’s opinions and demands.

Throughout this website, users can read the latest Toronto real estate news, subscribe to the website newsletter, and use IDX to find the latest buildings and homes to buy and rent.


I’ve been using Palette WebDesign’s services for both website design and SEO services.

The team is extraordinarily responsible, very well prepared, and greatly knowledgeable.

I’ve been working with them since 2019 and I recommend them 100% to anyone who is looking to design and build a functional customized website.