Gabeh Rug Gallery Website Design

Gabeh Rug Gallery Website Design
Gabehruggallery is an online shop that sells different kinds of carpets. This website was designed in 2022, using WordPress content management system. This website has an easy-to-use user interface and provides access to buy more than 200 products.


The client of this project is Mr. Ahmadi, from the Gabehruggallery shop. Gabehruggallery is a big carpet shop in California that has a lot of carpets in different categories and price ranges. They have Iranian, Chinese, and Indian rugs, to name but a few.


Design and develop a minimal and simple website to sell rugs and automate their selling process.


The website design process has begun after extensive research on other online shops and discussions about client’s needs and demands. In the web design process, we have used graphic resources to design banners and graphic elements and WordPress content management system to develop the website. Also, Woocommerce has been used to develop the shopping features of this website.


The result is a responsive, SEO-friendly, modern WordPress website based on the client’s opinion and demand. With this website, users can find their ideal carpet and buy it in the simplest way.

Website’s Features

  • Online shop
  • Advanced Ajax search for products
  • A robust products and orders management system
  • Online payment


It was a fantastic cooperation, and I hope we can cooperate more in the future.